Are you looking for the most effective way to present a product or service to your already existing or potential clients? We will develop your online marketing strategy, use the latest trends in web development and design and include all the necessary activities of traditional marketing in order to get your message across to the desired target audience. Our goal is to help you make your investments in marketing bring you measurable results.


A comprehensive strategy for your presence on the Internet

An Internet marketing strategy is a marketing plan that will maximize your presence on the internet and help your clients find you much easier.
From a website strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies, through content management and social media strategies and online marketing and e-commerce strategies - through research and analysis we will look at your options and define how you can achieve the best results.

How to get a visited website that complies with the needs of its visitors

Web analytics involves measuring, collecting and analysing data from the Internet and creating reports. In short, web analytics measures the success of a website and is very important in setting up a successful business strategy on the Internet.
With the use of web analytics, we can help you optimize your business strategy and tactics on the Internet and also help you better understand the wants and needs of your customers and users and find out what it is they’re looking for. Simply put, web analytics is a compass leading you to the realization of your aims.

How to get your customers to actually use your site

Usability is the process of creating a website for easy customer use. The website is useful if users can use it easily and achieve the tasks they came there for.
We will analyse whether and how customers are using your website and help you to make your product or service meet their needs and provide a unique user experience, which aims at increasing the number of users who carry out defined goals.

Are you the best in your business?

Setting up a successful online strategy is unthinkable without analysing the competition. The main objective of this analysis is to show how your company is positioned relative to competing firms and to show present trends in their business but also on the market.
Our task is to analyse all the companies and websites selling the same or similar products or services as well as those who are competitors in the SEO segment.

How to keep your existing customers and attract new ones?

Knowing your target audience is crucial for a successful business on the Internet. The main objective of the analysis is to understand clients' motivation, their attitudes, lifestyles, purchasing habits and other features that help a company in placing a successful marketing strategy.
We will help you understand your customers, customize your online business strategy to meet the needs of specific target groups, as well as help you keep existing customers and attract new ones.

An easy way to get a web presentation

To make your website visible on the Internet, it needs to be placed on a server that has constant access to the Internet, and is configured and set up for the use of website and e-mail services. By paying the hosting services, you will be provided with space on the server where can you set up your site and be online 24/7.
In order for you to have an effective online presence, we will help you set up your website or other content on the internet, along with the internet domain registration service.


Provide a memorable experience on your site

Frontend development implies that a modern and attractive design must always be adapted to the target group as well as to the objectives that need to be achieved on the web page.
An efficient frontend creates the users’ experience and elicits their reaction to set goals, such as buying a product or service, obtaining required information, sharing information, entertainment.

Quick and easy content management

CMS (Content Management System) is a program that allows users to easily add, modify and remove content from their website.
According to your needs, your website may be based on an Open Source CMS that allows content management of text, graphics, photographs, video and audio materials. On the other hand, if you select a Custom CMS solution you can also manage specific content on your site, such as sales systems, notification systems, statistics, and user registrations.

We bring your ideas to life

You have an idea how to attract customers and bring about the desired actions on your website? Whether it’s online purchasing, newsletters, online applications, or any other user interaction, we’ll implement your idea.
Our web team will make your application perform the tasks it was intended for – contribute to your business and be available to all users on all devices, including mobile.


An attractive site in the service of a profitable business

Web design no longer only represents the need for the aesthetic development of a website but is increasingly becoming an important marketing tool which affects the positioning of your website and contributes to the productivity of your business.
We will listen to your needs and ideas and will develop creative strategies that will change the course of your business. The result is always modern, attractive, innovative design that is tailored to your target group and their needs and expectations.

How to make your company stand out

A corporate identity is the complete graphic identity of your company which you use to present yourself to potential clients and the general public.
We can help you build recognition and loyalty among customers and communicate your values in a unique way. Your name, logo, colours, symbols, brand and all the materials you use to communicate with target groups and the influential public distinguish you from the competition and make you noticeable.

Make your business available anywhere, anytime

If your customers are already using iPhone, Android and tablet devices, it’s high time to think about the design of mobile applications to make sure that your customers are always informed about your company, products and services, regardless of the device they’re using.
We follow the latest trends in design and development of mobile applications, and want to help you and your business be available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

How to attract consumers’ attention

Graphic design aims to communicate and stylize your message, but above all it aims to provoke reactions, to attract consumers and to carve the image of your company and products in the minds of consumers.
We can develop all the materials you need to successfully present your product or service – we can create your visual identity, various publications, flyers, posters, billboards as well as the design of products and their packaging.


Everyone can see your ad on the internet

A PPC (Pay-per-Click) ad is an advertising model on the Internet where advertisers place their ads on search engines and other websites. Ads are triggered by keywords that users enter.
Professional campaign management and optimization allows you to get your money back through a greater number of visits to your website and also through desired actions - creating orders, mailing list registration, phone calls, etc.

Do you want to be first on the search engines?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the optimization of websites as well as their promotion, and aims to better rank websites on search engines in order for them to be found faster by a greater number of people.
Through content and keywords that best describe your products and services we’ll optimize your website and improve its ranking, which will therefore lead to an increased number of visitors and potential customers.

The right partners to promote your products

An affiliate program is a partnership program aimed at increasing sales and attracting potential customers and users. This is achieved through the involvement of affiliate partners, who earn a commission by promoting their partner’s products or services, and attracting visitors to the desired websites.
With the help of an affiliate program, we will help you to never be at a loss, and your affiliate partner to promote your product with the help of their own ability and inventiveness.

How to make your message stand out

The main goal of public relations on the Internet is to create and maintain a positive image of the company through communication with various media.
We are here to help you take advantage of the strategy and tactics of online communication, so your message can stand out in the multitude of information and be passed on to your interested target group. We will help you understand the characteristics of Internet services, which will contribute to quality placement of information online.

Newsletters that present your product in the best light

Thanks to the latest technologies, in addition to standard text format, e-mails can also be sent as complexly designed solutions aiming at better visually presenting information, products or services.
E-mail marketing allows you to present yourself to potential customers in an attractive and affordable way. We will present you with the best solution for your newsletter, both in terms of design and in terms of modes of communication and promotion of your products and services.

Select the best ads and sites for your promotion

Display advertising is placing ads on sites that are relevant to the message itself as well as the advertising goal, along with the precise choice of target groups and their interests, demographics and geographic area where the ad is displayed.
We will choose the right ad network or websites, most efficient and most cost-effective types of ads for your planned campaign, and will manage its budget and flow. In addition, we will present you with the results of your display campaign so you can assess whether your investment was worthwhile.


One step ahead of your competition

A marketing strategy focuses on the selection of ways in which you can get an advantage over your competition, increase your sales and make revenue.
Through the analysis of the market and target groups, as well as the analysis of products, pricing, distribution and promotion, we’ll define a marketing strategy and develop a coherent, detailed marketing plan which will be based on building strong and long term relationships with your customers.

Ads for all occasions

An advertising campaign is a series of messages that share the same idea and theme and can be adapted to a variety of media: television, radio, Internet, newspapers, billboards, flyers, etc.
We can help you create different types of advertising campaigns and implement your message to the media that will most effectively present it, which will in turn help raise consumer awareness about your product, but also increase your profits.

Increase sales on the spot

BTL (Below the line) is a form of marketing that promotes sale on the spot because the product is presented to those consumers who can currently see, feel or taste the product.
Through organizing BTL activities, including database marketing, direct marketing or e-mail marketing, sponsored events and promotional product presentations, we’ll help you increase interest and sales of your product.

Be recognized by everyone

Branding is a process that involves creating a unique name and image of the product in the minds of consumers.
The goal of branding is to differentiate your product in the market in relation to your competition. Accordingly, we will help you develop your image and raise awareness about your brand by developing your name, logo, slogan, graphics, colours, which will create a perception in the minds of consumers that your product is unique.

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