Our experience in developing applications for the tourism industry has led us to the conclusion that the market is lacking a tool that would enable small and medium-sized agencies to independently enter the online market. That’s why we’ve created innovative products for the distribution of travel services on the Internet which are able to meet the demands of a dynamic market and adapt to the needs of end users. We will help you increase your impact on the online market with the help of advanced tools for system management, with multilingualism and sophisticated reporting systems and tools for marketing and promotion.

Flight IBE


If you are ready for new business endeavours and want to offer your customers online sales of airline tickets, the Light version of Flight IBE is right for you because it can easily be implemented to your existing site.
Flight IBE Light has options in the administrative panel which include: addition of specific elements which give the user the impression that he hasn’t left the site; an option for updating basic data; a module for airport administration and configuration of commissions; an HTTPS security protocol with an SSL certificate and support for Google Analytics.


If you want to be a leader in online sales, and you have an idea or a precise plan of how airline ticket sales on your site should look, then this version is right for you, because it allows you to create your own reservation process, but also the complete additional content, according to your needs.
Flight IBE Creative has the possibility of creating tools as per client's requests, of changing the user interface, the possibility of adapting the entire reservation system and the adaptation of the client’s idea.


Is it time to take another step in the sale of airline tickets on your website, to be more advanced, more modern and more accessible to customers, and manage your own online shop?
Flight IBE Advanced is a complete online shop for the sale of airline tickets, which, apart from IBE also contains a CMS for the creation and management of content. The Advanced version is special because of its responsive design that adapts your content to each device, because of its filter for easier flight selection, because of its improved configuration of prices and advanced reporting system and error display.



LEISURE HOTEL IBE is a system for booking hotels that provides access to travel offers from all major tour operators, and displays the results that best match the search as quickly as possible. LEISURE HOTEL IBE consists of a five-step booking process that allows your customers a quick and easy booking experience, as well as the administrative panel that allows you to personalize and continually improve your website and thus your online business.


Leisure PACKAGES IBE is a system for booking packages provided by major European tour operators. The system provides the ability to combine several tour operators for a given destination, which provides the end user with a much better service and a greater choice. Currently with dozens of leading European tour operators and hundreds of thousands of resort offers around
the world, you provide your client with an incredible choice, at a European level of service.
Leisure PACKAGES IBE is a system for booking packages that provides access to travel offers of all major tour operators in German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria), with departures from major cities in these countries as well as departures from Belgrade. The system displays the results that best match your search criteria in the shortest possible time.

Hotel IBE


HOTEL IBE offers over 120 000 hotels in all the world's most attractive destinations. This reservation system can be used independently or in combination with existing systems. If you have our Flight IBE, you have the possibility to combine these products, and with this integration of offers a purchase is guaranteed. During the process of buying airline tickets or immediately after, the system can offer the customer hotel accommodation for the selected period of stay at the destination.
The system will have, in addition to the standard display of offers on the site, the option for B2B business. You will be able to monitor business performance through the advanced reporting system. The system can be fully customized to client needs, depending on the options they choose.

Rent a Car IBE

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